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Professional baseball players play in more games than any other professional athletes. Each of the 30 MLB teams plays 162 games. The season, which starts at the beginning of April and goes through to October, is long, offering innumerable opportunities to bet on MLB games.

And when the regular season and postseason are over, baseball does not stop. There are important deals and moves made in the off-season, the Hot Stove League heats up the month of January and Spring Training, which starts in February and goes through March, is rich with developing and returning talent.

MLB Betting provides sports bettors invaluable insights into every aspect of betting on America’s Past Time. Take advantage of everything we offer to give you the ultimate edge in understanding and analyzing baseball matchups.

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MLB betting offers a huge number of opportunities for the sports bettor. With over 80 games per week and a season that starts in early April and goes into October, the chances to wager are virtually endless. Plus, baseball offers a substantial amount of stability and flexibility.

MLB Bets include the run line, moneyline and over/under. Plus, you can make any number of exotics, including parlays and props. Although the MLB postseason is rather short compared to the NBA and NHL, it still gives bettors ample chances to make plenty of cash.

Primary Analysis

Major League Baseball, like any other sport, demands that bettors engage in a thorough analysis of each team. The hot stove season is the time to start and once spring training starts, you should be in full swing. As opening day draws near and rosters become finalized, you have a good idea of a few necessary components that go into a winning club.

When you perform your analysis consider:

  • Depth of rotation
  • Strength of bullpen
  • Number of .300 or better batters
  • Big swing homerun guys
  • Health of starters
  • Front office and farm system
  • Coaching
  • Home field advantage

There are certainly many other factors that make up a winning MLB franchise, but the eight listed above are essential components.

Recent Past History

Although what a team did last year or the year before does not necessarily affect how it will perform this season, there is something to be said about trends in baseball. This is because in MLB the more time that passes the more things stay the same. There is always that upstart team that fools everybody, but the fact is professional baseball teams tend to remain overall amazingly consistent. That is with one exception—some teams will have a stellar season one year and then slide back down in the standings. The reason for this often has to do with the fact that a few players on that team had career seasons.

But the next year, those players are either less successful or gone from the team and the club that went to the top or near top for the first time in a decade is back down where it had been for the preceding 10 years. That’s because the front office and ownership is doing the same things it has done to keep the club at the bottom of the heap.

So in considering recent history be sure to check out the guys in the grey business suits who make all of the money decisions. If they are going to spend cash, then the team has a much better chance of winning than if they are tightfisted.


Daily Monitoring and Analysis

In order to be successful at wagering on MLB, sports bettors must monitor all the daily happenings, include the DL, trades, benchings, etc. Baseball is a day-to-day occurrence and team situations change on a daily basis. Thus, before making any type of mlb sports bet on professional baseball, be sure to check on the most recent news at sites like ESPN, and MLB.com.

Use the Stats and Facts When Betting

Baseball gambling is stats driven and for that reason mlb sports bettors really need to stay on top of every aspect of the game and every player on every team. With so many games, gamblers must be vigilant, looking for the best opportunities and exploiting them. It’s the longest, most game filled professional sports season in the world and for those who do their homework, there’s a lot of cash to be won in MLB Betting. http://www.mlbbetting.org